Nikon Mechanical Total Stations

Advanced total stations, built tough for all occasions


The right choice for a full range of projects

The Nikon N and K total stations offer an advanced EDM in an innovative package, including flexible charging and connectivity options, and are backed by the great service and dealer support you expect from Nikon. Both the Nikon N and Nikon K have a new charger, featuring a USB-C on-the-go connection that lets you recharge via a power bank or car plug so you can recharge batteries even in remote areas. The Total Station File Transfer app and Bluetooth connection let you easily transfer data between the field and office, so your data makes it to the office before you do. Economical and practical, both include bright Nikon optics and rugged reliability, making each of these powerful total stations the right choice for a full range of projects.

Compare Models

  • 2" and 5" angle accuracies
  • Prism and reflectorless models
  • Fast, accurate EDM
  • Phone App for easy data transfer
  • NFC simplifies bluetooth pairing
  • Power-up anywhere with the USB battery charger
ModelsNikon N 2"Nikon N 5"Nikon K 2"Nikon K 5"
EDM Modes(s)Prism and ReflectorlessPrism and ReflectorlessPrism OnlyPrism Only
In-Field Charging
Phone-App Compatible
Laser Pointer  




Oil and Gas

Nikon N & K

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